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Berto: waiting for Mayweather the toughest fight in his career

Берто: Мейвезера ждет самый тяжелый бой в карьере

Despite outsider status, Andre Berto believes in his victory in fight with Floyd Mayweather.

“I believe it is waiting for the hardest fight in his career, thanks to my strength and speed. Because of my athleticism. We are waiting for a great evening, I’m going to do my job,” said Berto.

“My critics say that I did not deserve this fight, but on September 12 I will prove the opposite. Their idea is that you’re only as good as the showed it in the last battle. I was good enough two or three years ago, Victor Ortiz and Robert Guerrero were good enough when beaten me,” added the opponent of Mayweather.

Earlier, SPORTS bigmir)net reported that Floyd Mayweather decided to spend his last fight in his career against Andre Berto. Also Floyd Mayweather has been offered a contract for three fights.