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Berto: Fight with Mayweather could take place several times already

Берто: Бой с Мейвезером мог состояться уже несколько раз

Andre Berto is going to cause problems in the fight with Floyd Mayweather.

“In the end, my fight with Mayweather could take place several times, but something always interfered. Many fans are not relevant to my candidacy seriously, but styles make fights, so let’s see what people will say on 12 September”, – quotes the words Berto boxingscene.

“I’m still the same guy a couple of years ago saying that he is able to cause problems for Floyd. Victor Ortiz and Roberto Guerrero got his chance against Mayweather because he beat me. In it something is. Everyone knew that if the soldier coped with Berto, he should get a chance against Floyd” – said the boxer.

Earlier, SPORTS bigmir)net reported that Floyd Mayweather decided to spend his last fight in his career against Andre Berto. Also Floyd Mayweather has been offered a contract for three fights.