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Basketball. Argentina in two overtimes booster Brazil

Баскетбол. Аргентина в двух овертаймах дожимает Бразилию

In the incredible intensity of the match, Argentina managed to first avoid defeat and then put the squeeze on the national team of Brazil in two overtimes.

Argentina – Brazil 111:107 (28:19, 16:33, 23:20, 18:13, 10:10, 16:12) 2ОТ

Argentina: Nocioni (37, 11 rebounds), Compacto (33), Scola (14+10 rebounds), Ginobili (13), Garino (10), Delia (2), Dec (2), Delfino (0), Aprovechalo (0), Mainoldi (0)

Brazil: Nene (24+11 rebounds), Garcia (14+8 rebounds), Huertas (14), Benitez (13), Barbosa (11+5 rebounds), Giovannoni (10+6 rebounds), Marquinhos (9+5 rebounds), Hettesheimer (5), Neto (3), Felicio (2), Lima (2), Luz (0)

The fact that the match between the two best South American teams will be one of the highlights of the group stage is understood by many. But what I saw today surpassed the expectations of even the most ardent and loyal fans of their teams.

Not only that, the teams organized the first overtime for the whole tournament, they managed to duplicate. The match was full of strong-willed struggle in which, as they say, neither team was unwilling to concede. Brazil after a bad first quarter in plenty pokurazhitsya over the enemy in the second gaming segment, not only played the 9-point gap, but providing a good start before the second half of the match is +8 points.

The second half of the matches turned into a catch-up. The Argentines tried to catch up, and with grief in half, they managed to do it. Restless this evening Andres Nocioni threw three, three seconds before the final buzzer that brought this match into overtime – 85-85.

The extra five minutes began for Argentina like cold showers. The jerk 9:3 in the performance of the Brazilians (tried Nene and Garcia) once again put sky blue in the status of a follower. However, Ginobili and Co. once again today we showed character, and found the strength to push the match into a second overtime. This time the Savior of the team was Rampazzo, whose attack from the medium distance and reached the goal with 36 seconds before the end of the period.

The second overtime began with a spurt of Argentines – 8:0. It’s all the same, Rampazzo caught the right rhythm and managed to score two three-pointers in a row, two points at this point in a moneybox of the national team of Argentina brought and Garino.

However, the Brazilians do not get confused, and made a desperate attempt to recoup. Hitherto almost invisible in the match Leandro Barbosa began systematically to bomb the ring of the enemy, which bore fruit. 13 seconds before the final whistle, Brazil had already lost only two points.

Naturally, in atimproving they resorted to the tactic of quick fouls. Three seconds before the end of the 5-minute Barbosa fouled on Delfino, and he managed to grease both free throws. It seemed that here it is happiness, the home team still had three seconds on offense and the ability to equalize, however, this development was not included in the plans of the leader of the Argentines Manu Ginobili.

39-year-old defender took offensive rebounds, won his team a precious half a second and forced the Brazilians to again resort to foul tactics. Unlike Delfino, a representative of San Antonio did not regret of the enemy, coolly converting two of two, setting the final score of the match.

So the Argentines are guaranteed a place in the next round of the tournament, but the Brazilians had significantly lowered their chances of reaching the quarter-finals.

I would also like to mention the incredible game in today’s match of the Duo, Carrazco – Nocioni, who managed to shoot for two 70 points in the ring of the enemy.