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Barcelona refuses to pay bonuses to Santos for Neymar

Барселона отказывается платить Сантосу бонусы за Неймара

The Catalans will not be charged spelled out in the contract until the proceedings before the court between the clubs.

Guide Santos complained about the reluctance of the Catalan of Barcelona to pay the bonus specified in the agreement during the transition striker Neymar from Brazilian club.

Santos made a statement that the Catalans must pay 2 million euros for getting Neymar in the top three contenders for the Golden ball.

Last week, Barcelona said it had sent a letter to the Brazilian side, which never came to Santos, but in the press. In it, the Spaniards declared that will not pay the bonus, while between the two clubs there is a dispute about the cost of the transfer of Neymar.

“This is another clear example of a breach of contract. To avoid paying, they use legal barriers, which actually does not exist. Barcelona uses a smokescreen to get rid of their obligations”, – the statement says Santos.