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Athletes flocked to China for medals and records

Легкоатлеты слетелись в Поднебесную за медалями и рекордами

A year of absence of the Olympic games the greatest sporting event in 2015 will be held in the capital of China. Saturday night at the famous stadium “bird’s nest”, the main arena of the 2008 Olympic games, the world Cup starts in athletics. Prior to its opening it was marked by a record office in Beijing will host athletes from 207 countries!


The national team of Ukraine sent a solid delegation of the 57 athletes and 41 staff. As we were told at the Ukrainian Federation, “blue-yellow” settled in 4-star hotel where most teams.

However, here is the same bad episode: in the exchange office of the Bank right in the hotel the runner 800 m Anastasiya Tkachuk and her coach Konstantin Raraku issued counterfeit money. Fake said the taxi driver, and after calling the police Ukrainians in the Bank indemnified damages. Interestingly, almost half of the money exchanged our athletes have already spent.

Will make our athletes the strongest structure: to protect the gains in Moscow-2013 titles came high jumper Bohdan Bondarenko and as megobari Anna Melnichenko-Kasyanov. However, they, like the triple champion of Europe on triple jump Olga Saladuha were damaged. By the way, Bogdan sprained foot two months ago at the European games in Baku, where he arrived on the invitation for demonstrations, having previously celebrated a podium on only one stage of “Diamond League”. But Saladukha three were among the winners, but the back will complicate the struggle for medals. In the starting days of the world Cup with dantchenko linked our main medal hopes, she will try to please the country on Independence Day. Also Ukrainians hope for relay teams and walkers.

Yesterday evening our camp suffered yet another trouble: the head of the NOC and Vice-President of the IAAF Sergey Bubka left Beijing for family reasons (at xsport.ua wrote that because of the illness of his father).


And on the second day of the event expected to be one of the most interesting and spectacular confrontations. In the men’s 100-Petrovka will meet six-time Olympic champion and world record holder (9.58 per sec.) Usain Bolt of Jamaica and the leader of the season American Justin Gatlin (9,74 sec.). I wonder will they be able to update the world. And here’s another in 27 disciplines from 47 in athletics records are from 1980-90-ies of the last century (see infographic).

Легкоатлеты слетелись в Поднебесную за медалями и рекордами. Фото 1