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After for England tickets in Paris was taken by the Czech Republic and Iceland

Следом за Англией билеты в Париж взяли Чехия и Исландия

As expected, the September matches of the UEFA Euro 2016 group gave us the names of the first finalists. First in the queue for tickets to France faced England, which at full steam raced to the tournament without losing a single point with a beautiful goal difference 24-3. The point of no return, the British were held in San Marino, where he designed the third defeat in the competition.

Last night began the game 8-th round, the results of which we know almost half of the finalists. The first example of England was followed by the Czechs. In group a the Czech Republic has been filed against Latvia and guaranteed at least second place in the group. A little later, so did Iceland, which was enough to play the game in a draw with Kazakhstan, with 12 attempts for the first time in its history to get to Euro.

There continue to kink the Dutch. Yesterday, the orange were defeated by the Turks (0:3) and risk for the first time since 1984 not to play in the finals of the European championship. For a place in the play-offs the Netherlands will lock horns with Turkey, which for two games to finish ahead of bronze medalist of the 2014 world Cup by two points.

Austria need one win

An interesting situation occurred in groups C, H and I, where three teams who have secured at least part of the playoffs. We have Spain, Slovakia and Ukraine, in other groups — Italy, Croatia and Norway, as well as Portugal, Denmark and Albania. Moreover, the Albanians in comparison with the Danes has the advantage of one game in hand. Albania, too, maybe for the first time in history to qualify for the Euro after 11 unsuccessful attempts.

Ukraine guaranteed the playoffs and congratulated the Pope with Conopy

Just another step towards our goal to make Austria advocated the Dynamo defender Dragovic. The Austrians just one victory, but perhaps this will not happen in September, and in October, because tomorrow they will voyage to Sweden, and the Scandinavians clearly unhappy with the defeat in Moscow. Russia, having parted finally with Capello, won the first victory in the selection under the direction of Slutsk and has a convenient schedule of the remaining matches with teams located in the table below.

Greece is a loser No. 1

Decided and teams who after seven rounds (and the first playing day of the eighth) had finally lost even theoretical chances of getting into the final tournament. It Latvia, Kazakhstan (group a), Andorra (B), Belarus, Luxembourg, Macedonia (all — C), Gibraltar (D), San Marino (E), Greece (F), Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Malta (H), Serbia and Armenia (both — (I).

Most of the countries in this list — football dwarfs of Europe, but Greece, Serbia and Bulgaria this figure. Funny, but the Faroe Islands are still in the fight, and Greece can play a new team for next cycle. But Serbia failed superfluous emotions home match with Albania was thwarted, the owners soldered “techie” and three penalty points. And now instead of a potential seven points Serbs have only one. Bulgaria protracted crisis. After Euro 2004, it is never seen at the world Cup, no matter WHAT.