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10 most stupid goalkeeper goals

10 самых глупых вратарских автоголов

The goalie’s job in football is to guard the gates of his team from trouble, but sometimes it guardians of the gates are the cause of all ills. And sometimes it happens incredibly curious!

Sammy Ndjock (Minnesota United)

Opens our top ten the most recent example in a friendly match between the English in Bournemouth Minnesota United FC goalkeeper of the American team Sammy Ndjock performed inexplicable “trick”. And because man is not fallen from the moon ‘ was educated in the Academy of Lille and even held three match for the national team of Cameroon.

Michael Roig (AC Tefana)

No less silly own goal scored “guardian of the gate of the club Tefana from Tahiti and the goalkeeper of this team Michael Roig. By the way, you have to remember at the Confederations Cup in 2013-m to year. Yes, it was he missed 8 goals from Uruguay and 10 goals from Spain. But even this was not as embarrassing as this goal.

Andrea Consigli (Sassuolo)

Italy is known for its glorious goalie school, but the Sassuolo goalkeeper Andrea Consigli, apparently truant at this school.

Daniele Padelli (Torino)

“Partner” Consigli for strolling lessons in Italian goalie school was his colleague Daniele Padelli. A shocking blunder for the level of Serie A.

Rodrigo Cervetti (Comunicaciones)

Goalkeeper of the Argentine representative Examples of B Metro threw the ball into his own net so ridiculous and frankly what many have suspected in the intentional actions of the goalkeeper and “play office”. No, how can sane thing to do?

Lee Grant (Derby)

Never has the nickname of the Derby – Rams, were not so important as after the game fists of the goalkeeper of this team Whether Grant in the match against Wolverhampton in the 2014/15 season.

Mohammad Shatnawi (Al Faisaliyah Tower)

How to become a world-famous goalkeeper, if you play for the club from Jordan? The chances are small. Except that to score one of the most stupid goals in football history…

Jürgen Sirens (Roeselare)

The Belgian goalkeeper Roselare can be blamed not so much nonsense, how much sluggishness. But this is also part of the goalkeeper’s skill set.

João Carlos (Avai)

Another example of how ridiculous own goal becomes the result of an accident. But what effectively it worked.

Tomislav Piplica (Energy)

After that the Bosnian goalkeeper Tomislav Piplica did in the match against Borussia Gladbach in the 2000/2001 season, his name has become a household name in the Bundesliga.